Jon Stewart discusses Viacom vs. YouTube

TechDirt has an article that references a clip from The Daily Show which is pretty silly, but contains what appears to be an honest statement from Stewart saying "But to me, the situation is that there's a ton to gain for both companies. Viacom, they put their content on YouTube, it gets exposure, people know about their programming... it's a win for everybody in this situation." Nice to know somebody gets it...


Grumble... Leopard delayed

Yes, I know it's not the end of the world. Yes, I know it's not Vista's 4-year trek through the world of vaporware. Yes, I'm aware that I'm not currently writing anything that depends on it, but there are some people I know who have been waiting for Leopard to be released to replace or augment systems. But, in the end it's going to mean a better iPhone and a better OS X Leopard for all products.


RIAA killed what they were trying to save

It's not surprising to read an article that describes the RIAA as having done something stupid, but here's an op ed piece from the New York Times by an independent record seller who directly blames them for the demise of that which the RIAA was trying to save: albums, CDs... and the missteps that were made on the way here.

BusinessWeek looks at Greenpeace and Apple

Greenpeace has been leading the charge against Apple in recent years because of what it claims are their particularly bad environmental policies. However, this article from Business Week points out that Apple's more likely than not being picked on because of its position in the marketplace, not because of the toxins that they're selling.

Vista sells 2X XP in the same time

Sounds pretty good for Microsoft's new head of the pack. Although the folks at ARS Technica have some comments that bring into question whether this is because of new PC growth or not. Even so, new PC growth itself may have been helped by pent up demand for Vista... we'll see.


Computerworld on why Microsoft should be concerned

It's not a Microsoft-bashing column, but this Computerworld article by Scot Finnie, Computerworld's online editorial director, takes Microsoft to task over what he sees as ignoring demands in the market and Apple's recent moves. In particular, he's talking about the enterprise, so he doesn't go into the XBox vs. AppleTV argument, etc.


Children and praise

I know I've promised to forward this URL to a number of people, so here's a reference to the article in New York Magazine that will be easy to find. The article is about praising children not for doing things right or behaving or anything else they can control, but about praising them just for being themselves. It's worth a read.

Whither CompUSA?

I like David Pogue (tech reporter for the New York Times). He writes a good column, uses a Mac, uses dripping sarcasm, and can sing well. His article today about CompUSA's downsizing of over 50% of his stores, hits the nail right on the head.

Switching friends (to the Mac)

Last year, I managed to convince 8 people to get Macs who either had not done so in the past, or who were coming back to the Mac from a long hiatus. Although I had for many years not considered myself an evangelist for "the cause", recent changes in Windows, the Mac, and the Internet have brought a change to that neutral position and now I appear to be pretty much a zealot. This despite the fact that I'm one of the few people I know who has both purchased and installed a copy of Vista. So, how do you switch your friends to OS X from XP? Good question, and tonight I've been finding out.


Anyone, anyone? Bueller?

Listening to NPR tonight, and in particular to Marketplace when I hear Ben Stein issuing a rant about oil companies and prices. That wasn't that surprising, given his history. However, when they went to break afterward, the commentator said "Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?" without further comment...



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