Dutch researchers conclude it's cheaper for you to die young

Reminding me of the infamous Polish study which considered costs across the social spectrum, government and university researchers in the Netherlands have issued a report in the Medical Journal of the Public Library of Science indicating that people who smoke or are obese live shorter lives and are less expensive to the health care systems of their countries.


VLANs supported in Leopard Client

Warning! Geeky content within. Those of you who know what VLANs are are probably interested in this article. In the past, Apple only supported VLANs (802.1q) when using OS X Server. It wasn't a huge deal, as servers are much more likely to need this than clients, but it is an important feature nonetheless, especially for those of us who do weird networking things.


Review: Untraceable

Well, that's an hour and 38 minutes that we'll never see again... however, I must say that it was not as bad as Meet the Spartans. .html


Think about this while not doing something else

I'm not sure where I got the pointer to this story from the Atlantic, but it's well worth a read for anyone and everyone. Especially if you find yourself unproductive or overwhelmed.

Rube Goldburg fan hits the net

Somebody from HEMA (retail site in the Netherlands) put a lot of work into this advertisement It's well worth the click. Thanks to fark for the pointer.


U2 manager thinks music drives the net

A speech given by U2's long-time manager Paul McGuinness details his take on the music industry and the internet and computer/device hardware industries. I think the synopsis is provided by a single question he asks: "Who's got our money and what can be done?" Stay tuned after the jump for the story of a complainer who charges 75% of a months salary for a performance and still wants to have more.


Duncan Davidson puts Time Machine to the test for full recovery

Thanks to Daring Fireball for the pointer to an article by Duncan Davidson describing his experiences with Time Machine for full recovery of a lost hard drive.

Review: Meet the Spartans

Send-up of 300 falls on its sword. Short form: at matinee prices, you still feel like you were ripped off for the full price of the film—thankfully it's barely an hour and a half long.


TaxCut upgrades and Time Machine

This is a warning for those using TaxCut (a pretty good Macintosh Tax program) and possibly other installers and upgraders.


TomTom: When a paid upgrade is a downgrade

Stick this one in the extremely shady business practices category. In order to add more revenue to the coffers, a paid upgrade from existing TomTom 910 and 510 maps that currently include locations of Starbucks will result in losing the locations of said Starbucks! Hey, that's darned good service for all us long-standing customers.



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