US Governent agencies block Vista upgrades inside

Not surprising, and not necessarily for a "good" reason, the US Department of Transportation and the FAA have issued "an indefinite moratorium" on the upgrade to Microsoft's Vista OS , Internet Explorer version 7, and Microsoft Office 2007, according to an article from Information Week.


Power hungry computers not as hungry as expected

After all the complaining about the power used by the nation's computers, the San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that a study(admittedly commissioned by a computer chip manufacturer, AMD) indicates that the use is close to 1.2%. Not small, but nowhere near the 13% touted by some sources. It is true that computers are using more power per square foot than originally expected in many data centers, but apparently it's not the leading cause of global warming that it's been made out to be by some.


United changes mileage expiration to 18 months

Based on this press release from United Airlines, the company will be requiring that you fly on their airline (or a partner airline, but use your United FFN) every 18 months to keep your account active, instead of the 36 months it was prior to the release. There are other ways to keep your account active, such as signing up for a credit card from United, giving away miles, or using miles, but it's something to keep in mind.


More on Apple and SOX

For a much more thorough description of the intricacies, check out this post on CNet about the issue.

As some have pointed out in private correspondence, there is, in fact, no requirement that this be done exactly the way Apple is doing it. However, it is a requirement that the revenue recognition be defensible. As such, the other choices they could have made were not very appealing, such as deferring revenue.


Thank you Sarbanes-Oxley!

It appears that Sarbanes-Oxley is having some more unintended side-effects. This time, you'll be paying $5 for 802.11n to be enabled on your Core 2 iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro and Mac Pro, because this was not a stated feature of the system before it shipped and therefore would need to be accounted for. That's right, adding features via software appears to be something else that Sarbanes-Oxley is here to deny you the ability to do.

Apple blows out numbers (again)

Everyone's favorite computer company (pardon me, after the removal of the word "Computer" from Apple Computer Corp's name, it should read "everyone's favorite company") has announced their FY1Q numbers (4th quarter 2006 calendar year) and they're huge. $1B in profit, $7.1B in revenues, 21M iPods sold, and 1.6M Macintoshes.


Can Municipal WiFi cause network neutrality?

Lawrence Lessig has an article in Wired this week where he theorizes that municipal WiFi may be the Linux that keeps the Phone and Cable companies from dominating the last mile. Does he make sense?


Lithium Corp. shows SNMP Management system

Maybe not applicable to everyone, but for those with network monitoring needs, the folks in Australia at Lithium Corp. are showing a nice commercial client-server network monitoring system.


iPhone name disputed by Cisco

Cisco Systems's general counsel has stated online that the company is suing Apple over the name "iPhone". Sounds reasonable, as we all know that Cisco's iPhone has been shipping (most recently) for the past 9 months or so (after an hiatus in the previous five years or so). But, is this the whole story?


802.11n support on Apple Intel-based machines

For those curious about high-speed wireless connectivity, you can check out Apple's 802.11 FAQ where they inform us that all Core2 Duo machines (except the 17" 1.83GHz iMac) are capable of N.



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