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SmartOS, Postfix and IPv6

As part of completing our shut-down of 2007-vintage Xserves at the hosting center, we're moving a lot of servers to SmartOS (or at least SmartOS-hosted VMs). We've been really happy with the system so far.  Here's a quick story of the power of this environment.

Replacing a RAID set under El Capitan

Over Thanksgiving, one of the two drives in my "Big Disk" RAID (it was a mirror of 2 2TB drives that I used to store large things that aren't worth having on the SSD on my Mac Pro).   Generally speaking, my response to failures with SMART (especially with cheap spinning rust drives) is to replace the drive immediately and if it's a set of drives in a RAID to consider replacing both of them and bumping to the next most efficient capacity.  

Nice set of Nagios scripts for OS X

When digging around for information about Apple's new Caching Server, I happened across this informative article about Caching Server for Mavericks by Dan Barrett.   Definitely worth a read if you're interested in finding out how to make the most of your network connection with your Macs.

Backup Software

I'd never heard of World Backup Day before seeing an article about it in Wired today, but it sounds like a good idea, especially for those whose friends may partake in a little bit of the April Foolery tomorrow.

New server, new design

Hi folks.   We're back on the air with a new server and a new design.  Hopefully this less noisy design is a bit more paletable.   Any links to the old site will cease to function today, but there weren't many anyway (according to Google Webmaster Tools), but we have preserved all of the content.

My plan is to post more in 2013 than I did in 2012, which I believe I have already achieved by posting a single article.

Cheers for now, and set the new RSS feed to keep up to date.


Trouble setting Shadow Passwords in OSX Server

This is definitely not for non-administrators. However, I spent some serious time today trying to track this down, so let me save somebody some time here with this tidbit. It all started when I noticed that some of my users on my OSX Server machine were unable to access private web sites the way they should through authentication.

Quick mass installation of developer tools

The XCode 2.1 developer tools is a very large package (pushing well over .5GB), and now you have one CD and want to install it on a fleet of machines. Note: this can help with installing almost anything...

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