Sun SparcStation 20 vs Raspberry Pi

For those of us old timers, here's an amusing shootout between a SparcStation 20 and a Raspberry Pi, including both the Pi and the Pi2 (but unfortunately not the Pi0).  


Nice retrospective podcast on Real Genius

If you have interest at all in 1980's "culture", the tech industry, and/or the movie Real Genius, you should check out the iMore Review program Review 16: Real Genius.
Don Melton, Matt Drance, Guy English, and Rene Ritchie do a great job of running down the highs and lows of this classic. repository for invention disclosure

Launched just ahead of the first move by the US to switch from first-to-invent to first-to-file, a new site, has launched, with the idea of putting your materials in the public view in order to limit other people from attempting to claim patent protection for ideas you are using.   I'm not a lawyer, but from what I can see, this is mostly useful for forcing ideas to be disclosed for public use (i.e. intent to eventually place in the public domain).

Aperture and laptops

For those of you digital photography enthusiasts who use Aperture, here's a little bit of info on how I deal with going out of town with my laptop, but wanting to do the "real work" on my desktop when I get home.

It turns out that if you are careful, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort. I have a new idea that I haven't tried yet, that might have some cute results for working on the home network, but that is a more involved test that I'll do later.


Alton Brown hacks the Kitchen

Cool piece on Gizmodo about Alton Brown's favorite Kitchen hacks.


Will It Blend ad for the Olympus PEN camera

I didn't realize the Blendtec guys would do this, but it's a very cute advertisement, especially for a tech-savvy camera, like the new Olympus, which has been getting rave reviews. Watch as fearless blender, Tom DIckson, discovers there's something more to blending than destruction.


Great article about the future of publishing

Thanks to Amanda for pointing me at this article from author/blogger JA Konrath about the future of publishing and eBooks.


Looking for a Nav system?

A friend (Hi, Laura) asked yesterday what Nav system that I would suggest. I told her that I was still recommending the TomTom series. Let me explain why...


The "humanization" of Bill Gates

It is apparent now, after the airing of New Family (the second installment in Microsoft's new ad campaign), that the object of the ads is to create a more sympathetic, approachable, and perhaps even more "human" Bill Gates. My only guess here is that he's being groomed to be the personal spokesman for Microsoft in future ads. Jerry Seinfeld's character is mostly deferential to him and the ads make a point of using lines praising Gates's personal position in technology and "connection" with others. I'm still not certain that they will work, and I find the ads painfully slow and mostly pointless, but if people do end up watching them, the message might start getting through. Whether it is believed and whether any perceived softness in Gates is going to rub off positively on Microsoft is unclear. But, these ads aren't made to woo the small percentage of non-Microsoft users, but to make defending Microsoft safe again. If you're interested, Shoe Circus (the first installment) is also available from YouTube.


MIT researchers announce solar storage mechanism

According to an article from, MIT researchers have found a way to inexpensively use solar energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen for use later in a fuel cell. This has a lot of promise! Read the details on the MIT site.



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