The "humanization" of Bill Gates

It is apparent now, after the airing of New Family (the second installment in Microsoft's new ad campaign), that the object of the ads is to create a more sympathetic, approachable, and perhaps even more "human" Bill Gates. My only guess here is that he's being groomed to be the personal spokesman for Microsoft in future ads. Jerry Seinfeld's character is mostly deferential to him and the ads make a point of using lines praising Gates's personal position in technology and "connection" with others. I'm still not certain that they will work, and I find the ads painfully slow and mostly pointless, but if people do end up watching them, the message might start getting through. Whether it is believed and whether any perceived softness in Gates is going to rub off positively on Microsoft is unclear. But, these ads aren't made to woo the small percentage of non-Microsoft users, but to make defending Microsoft safe again. If you're interested, Shoe Circus (the first installment) is also available from YouTube.