Vonage to get 911 services for their customers

CNet is reporting that the Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone provider Vonage customers will soon be getting a service that most local telephone customers expect to have everywhere these days, 911 routing services.

Because of the way that VoIP calls are handled, there is no direct interaction with the local telephone network unless the calls are being made to local numbers. Usually, for long distance number (or numbers served by adjacent Central Offices), the service provider directly connects to the appropriate CO (or at least one network-wise close to it).

With the new service, Vonage will provide customer's physical addresses to a service provider who will make sure that 911 calls are routed correctly to the nearest 911 center.

Of course, this will still create problems if the Vonage customer is using their phone services out of their normal physical site, but it is a good step in the right direction.