Visible-light wireless using Free Space Optics

So, I understand from this article that Free Space Optics (FSO) have been around for a while, but this is the first that I'd heard of it, and the technology is cool.

Basically, PowerBeat International provides high speed data (400Mbps+) over visible light spectrum. That's right, no licenses to procure, because the data is sent in the clear. Of course, there are problems with weather, but they've been working on those.

Other companies doing this:

Omnilux has a combination product designed for ISPs/WISPs that combines 802.11 and FSO to create a mesh network that can run at speeds up to 100mbps full-duplex.

Terrabeam is doing GE (1.25Gbps) at up to 4 kilometers over 1550nm.

Airfiber is also providing solutions up to GE.