Tennessee to track sex offenders with GPS

Wired is reporting that Tennessee will be launching a $2.5M pilot program to track sex offenders with GPS bracelets.

Authorized by Tennessee HB3182, the bill applies to people convicted after July 1, 2004 of a "violent sexual offense".

Interestingly, it also provides for the offender to pay for their own monitoring as part of the sentence.

The system is charged with providing real-time notification of the violation of areas that are off-limits to the offender, as prescribed to the system through geographic and time-based restrictions. As such, the requirement to be in a workplace during certain hours, or the requirement to avoid schools or a prior victim's home are among the restrictions that may be tracked.

One thing missing from the bill is any information on how the minute-by-minute location data will be used and how long it may be retained.