More on Apple and SOX

For a much more thorough description of the intricacies, check out this post on CNet about the issue.

As some have pointed out in private correspondence, there is, in fact, no requirement that this be done exactly the way Apple is doing it. However, it is a requirement that the revenue recognition be defensible. As such, the other choices they could have made were not very appealing, such as deferring revenue.


Apple blows out numbers (again)

Everyone's favorite computer company (pardon me, after the removal of the word "Computer" from Apple Computer Corp's name, it should read "everyone's favorite company") has announced their FY1Q numbers (4th quarter 2006 calendar year) and they're huge. $1B in profit, $7.1B in revenues, 21M iPods sold, and 1.6M Macintoshes.


Lithium Corp. shows SNMP Management system

Maybe not applicable to everyone, but for those with network monitoring needs, the folks in Australia at Lithium Corp. are showing a nice commercial client-server network monitoring system.


iPhone name disputed by Cisco

Cisco Systems's general counsel has stated online that the company is suing Apple over the name "iPhone". Sounds reasonable, as we all know that Cisco's iPhone has been shipping (most recently) for the past 9 months or so (after an hiatus in the previous five years or so). But, is this the whole story?


802.11n support on Apple Intel-based machines

For those curious about high-speed wireless connectivity, you can check out Apple's 802.11 FAQ where they inform us that all Core2 Duo machines (except the 17" 1.83GHz iMac) are capable of N.


Axiotron ModBook is very cool

Carol and I had a chance at the OWC booth to speak to the CEO of Axiotron, the German manufacturer or the ModBook, about the new device. In short, it's going to be a great portable tablet for people who need or want one.


Holding back at MacWorld

What was Apple holding back at MacWorld Expo and why? My theory is that basically everything not related to the iTV (as announced in September with a "more in January" promise) and the iPhone were off the table because of messaging requirements. Apple knew that they had one big message for today and even talking about the Apple TV was held to a minimum. Anything else they announced on Tuesday would fall through the cracks. As such, I'm expecting a month of Tuesdays for announcements by Apple of all of the "ho hum" things we've been waiting for (speed bumps on the Mac Pro, final date for Leopard, etc). Not that I think those things are boring, just that from a messaging perspective, they're not as exciting as the iPhone and they would end up getting completely lost.


David Pogue gets to touch an iPhone

I'm officially jealous. He managed to actually get his hands on an iPhone and here's the post that he wrote about it.


Apple TV and Tuners

There have been a number of articles about the Apple TV and it's "one missing feature", the television tuner. As much as I can see why people would be interested in having a DVR on it, I think Apple chose wisely in not putting one (or more) into the box. I'll go through the reasons here.


MacWorld expo Keynote recap

One word is on everyone's lips: iPhone. Love it or ... well, does anyone hate this product?... the big question seems to by "why Cingular?" Click though for more of a blow by blow.



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