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Backup Software

I'd never heard of World Backup Day before seeing an article about it in Wired today, but it sounds like a good idea, especially for those whose friends may partake in a little bit of the April Foolery tomorrow.

Yep! Find and organize those PDFs

At the beginning of the year, it's nice to think that we're all starting off with a clean slate. I hear regularly that people are interested in going "paperless," so this entry is for those folks who are interested in this goal, or who just have too many PDF documents to keep straight.

1passwd - online Password Management on the Mac

There are a lot of ways to manage passwords for web-based services. If you're like me, you have logins on an absolutely insane number of places. I've used a lot of different tactics for maintaining passwords and logins in the past, and every site I go to has a slightly more perverse set of constraints (some don't allow numbers in passwords, others require them, some have strange user name requirements, or require a unique email address). My current solution, and I'm rather happy with it, is a program called 1passwd. It integrates with most of the software I use online (Safari, Firefox, NetNewsWire) and a ton of other stuff, and does the job. Read on for more.

Debut of a new Topic

Often I'm asked what software I use on the Mac. Now, places like iUseThis are great places to go to get a general idea of what's going on and read basic comments. I even put information about what I'm generally using on there. However, I wanted to create a more in-depth review location—not quite what you get from major magazines, but something that allows me to gab a while about software that I find does the job... and there's a lot of that on the Mac. Be on the look out for more items in the "Useful Mac Software" category.

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