NetNewsWire rises again!

One of the very first posts on this blog (16 years ago in the beginning of 2003) was entitled All of your favorite sites at a glance which discussed a new pair of apps (NetNewsWire and NetNewsWire Lite) that I'd just started using.

Considering the fallout for RSS from the Google Reader shutdown in 2013 and all that involved, it is surprising, but heartening that those of us who remain independent bloggers have clung to the RSS standard for making it easy to keep up with sites we're interested in.

I wanted to take a few minutes to add my congratulations to Brent Simmons, who has himself been blogging for over 20 years, and add my thanks to Brent and all of the contributors who made the new version of NetNewsWire possible. I'm now back to using it and it's the best experience I've had reading RSS on my Mac in years (well, since the last great NetNewsWire).