T-Mobile offers $19/mo GPRS - unlimited!

According to their offerings list on their site, T-Mobile is now offering unlimited GPRS (packet data over GSM cellular) for only $19/month if you have a voice plan that runs at least $29/month.

They've also realigned their National Business plans:

Plan name minutes Cost/mo
National Business Plan 5000 5000 $129.99
National Business Plan 2500 2500 $99.99
National Business Plan 1500 1500 $79.99
National Business Plan 1000 1000 $59.99
National Business Plan 600 600 $39.99

All plans are $0.35/minute after the max (a big increase from the previous $0.20/minute, but a huge drop in the monthly and increase in the minutes at the high end), 500 text messages ($0.05/msg after that), 300 free weekend minutes (down from unlimited in some plans), and Unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile (except the 600 minute plan, which has 1000 minutes T-Mobile to T-Mobile).