Symantec keeps its word on SecurityFocus

I gotta hand it to Symantec. Despite their blunderous and fearmongering assessment of the pending onset of tragic and multiple Macintosh viruses (no doubt aimed at rescuing flagging sales of their Macintosh products), they seem to be keeping their word on leaving the SecurityFocus free to editorialize as they wish. Note most importantly, this article about the Mac and it's virus nature.

The article would be amusing from the point of view of a rah-rah Mac user anyway, but the most interesting aspect for me is looking into who Security Focus is. This is a web magazine that was acquired by Symantec in 2002 along with a set of software that the company has since added to their portfolio. According to the terms of the purchase agreement, Symantec is supposed to leave SecurityFocus alone, and that appears to be what they are doing (at least on editorial content). Even when it takes a sideways shot at the company's own FUD.

They deserve some credit for that.