Sun throws hat into SCO/Linux ring

Although not a big shock, Sun Microsystems, has announced that it is broadening its license agreement with with SCO and is optioning a potential ownership stake in same.Although the article that announced this in CNet called Sun a "previously-secret" licensee, anyone who has been in the industry long enough will remember that Sun had adopted many AT&T UNIX System V commands during the SunOS 4 release.

The license should be good news to people who are trying to make use of Solaris (Sun's current name for their UNIX) on x86 platforms, as it includes a new license to use drivers that will help Sun's OS be more compatible with modern PC hardware.

Meanwhile, additional information about the financial terms has come to light. The article discloses that in addition to the $8.3M already earned by SCO last quarter through the agreements with Microsoft and Sun, they will earn an additional $5M over the next three quarters.