Static pages-18 months on

In 2018, I wrote about the move to convert Gaige's Pages to a static generation model.

I followed this up in mid-December of that year describing the drop in processing and response time.

After 18 months of running the site (and Cartographica's Blog as well) on Pelican, I wanted to revisit the graph and look at today's performance.

Not only are things still looking super zippy (average time to deliver of 127ms), but it's pretty darned consistent. Not surprisingly, most of the time (90+% of it) is spent doing the TLS handshake.

In December, 2018 (on the same hardware) we were seeing an average of 125ms (minimum of 18ms, maximum of 805ms), now those numbers are almost unchanged with the average of 127ms (minimum of 18ms, and a maximum of 178ms).

In the days of the wild west of the internet (pre-SSL/TLS), this site would have been delivering in an average of 20ms.