Follow-up on static pages

At the beginning of the month, I wrote about the move to convert Gaige's Pages to a static generation model. Today I'm following up with some performance graphs. There's absolutely nothing surprising here, but it's good to see nonetheless that things work as they should.

Look to the right of the red line in the middle to see the new site and the left for the old dynamic site.

As any good programmer does, I am now trading my time to create the posts (x1 for just me) to reduce the time for readers (x2 at least, one might hope). Even if no human reads it, I'm saving the indexing bots time.

Average total page load time (DNS+Connection+SSL+First Byte+Download) went from 844ms on the old site (minimum of 208 and max of 60,169) to 125ms (minimum of 18ms, maximum of 805ms), so as you can see, our worst-case scenario in the last week was better than the average in preceding weeks.

As a note for those who are interested, the only significant variation in the previous dynamic site was the time to first byte. This is the time from after the SSL negotiation and the pass-off to the CMS and the receipt of the first byte by the browser. This time has gone from a minimum of 205ms to a maximum of 4ms.