SCO reveals Novell contract amendment

According to an article on CNET, SCO announced Thursday that it has an amendment to the contract with Novell that grants them the copyrights to most of what they need to prosecute their case against IBM and the Linux community.

Although this bolsters the rationale for SCO's right to actually be filing a case, it still begs the question: "where's the beef". As I mentioned last night in the article about the SCO NDA, I think there are real questions about the voracity of the SCO case and their NDA continues to keep those questions in play, as the company refuses to provide the public (which is definitely an interested party, since anyone running Linux might be an infringer inadvertently) access to the detail of the accusations it is making. I continue to wonder if there is enough there to survive a few weeks of well- placed hacking by the community towards removing the questionable code from the base.