Roxio to buy Pressplay?

A [report on Yahoo! states that Roxio is in final talks with PressPlay to buy the company.

For those of you who have been following the latest online music information, you know that PressPlay is a service that is competitive with Rhapsody (the music service of Real Networks) and that this move would mark the sale of both of the major music services in the past two months.

Roxio (the CD-burning and music spin-off of Adaptec) has been purchasing music-related properties, including the remaining assets of now-defunct music trading service Napster.

The PressPlay service is currently owned by both Universal Music and Sony, who have stated that they had obligated themselves to cover losses of up to $50 million, and there is no indication that the service has even hinted at making money. The primary assets of the service are the software client and the record catalog rights.

A previous article on this site gave my comparison of the three major services (the two mentioned here plus Apple's music service)..html