Rolling Stones use WiFi on the road

An article from ComputerWorld relates the story of the Rolling Stones use of WiFi networks while on the road.

The band and their entourage uses 1.5-3Mbps connections at each venue to update their website and connect to business associates, as well aas handle personal email and other communications.

Their IT manager (yep, they have a professional, full-time IT manager) says that he usually sets up a network for about 60 people in each location using 802.11b networking equipment from 3Com (wouldn't be my first choice).

The IT manager says that the deployment of their wireless network, which moves every two to three days, takes only a fraction of the time that the wired networks used previously.

At the end of the article, the author mentions that the current IT head will be moving on to a casino (less travel, presumably), so perhaps this should be your next job.