Nomad gets larger

Nomad, Creative Lab's attempt to compete with the iPod has just gotten larger.

One day after Apple announced their new, redesigned iPod with up to 30GB (for $499), Creative announced that their 60GB Zen will be available for $399.

Exact specs on the 60GB version aren't available right now (and neither, it appears, is the player), but the 20GB version was 2.99" x 4.43" x 0.95" (9.5 oz) compared to the new iPod's 4.1 by 2.4 by 0.73 (6.2 oz).

Both boast Firewire and USB connectivity (although the previous Nomad only did 1.1 when partnered with Firewire).

The specs here are subject to change, because they're not really up on Creative's site.