drops prices to $.79/track-burn, the music service of Real Networks (the service's name is really Rhapsody) has dropped its pricing to $0.79/track for burning to CD.

According to the article on Wired, the company ran a promotion earlier this year, which led it to the conclusion that the lower price point would be beneficial.

For those who didn't read it earlier, the comparison chart that we did has now been updated to reflect the lower burn cost. However, it also reminds us that the Rhapsody service charges once per burn, not once per song (so, PressPlay and Apple Music Service will charge you $0.99 per song, but you can burn it on to an unlimited number of CDs, but each one will cost you $0.79 from Rhapsody).

Further, Rhapsody still doesn't allow for permanent or MP3 player downloads.

PressPlay and Rhapsody are still charging $9.95/month for unlimited streaming, a requirement for customers of the service.