Latest WiFi deployment news

A series of announcements in the last few days has indicated a continued expansion of "hotspots" for 802.11 access.

Here's a list:

  • Barnes and Noble will be testing WiFi access in stores in Seattle and Atlanta (from
  • SBC is planning to roll out 2,000 WiFi Hotspots in hotels, airports and other areas by the end of next year (from
  • Mariott has completed building out 400 hotels with high-speed wireless in meeting areas and lobbies. (from NY Times) [ They also have 800 hotels with wired broadband in rooms ]
  • Estimates peg the number of WiFi Hotspots at almost 72,000 by the end of 2003, a significant increase from the 14,742 at the end of 2002, and only 1,214 in 2001. Further expansion (to over 150,000) is expected in 2005. (from TechWorld)
  • In the UK, Virgin has added Manchester and Birmingham to the list of stations served by its WiFi services. (from PC Advisor)