Half of UKs \"clean\" power to be wind

According to an article from BBC News, the British Wind Energy Association is shooting to produce half of the UK's "clean power" target using wind turbines.

Earlier this week, the British government announced that they were opening up three off-shore areas for new wind turbine farms that could help in achieving this goal. NOTE: the "clean" target is 10% of power production, so half of that is 5%, still pretty small.

There is concern that the newfound renewable energy source may be more expensive than existing coal and oil power generation, but that is dismissed by supporters as being speculative and at the very least outweighed by the costs.

In another article (also from BBC News), there are more details about a wind farm in North Wales that is currently under construction. This farm, when complete, will provide power for about 50,000 homes using 30 100m+ tall wind turbines. Total output of the National Wind Power facility will be about 60 megawatts.