EETimes comments on SCO source code as seen

An article in EETimes comments on the evidence that SCO has shown to certain journalists and analysts under non-disclosure.

The article details 80 lines of code that are identical, even to the comments.

This brings to mind a few questions for me:

  • What is the significance of 80 lines in all of the Unix source?
  • Did the code come from SCO and end up in Linux? Or did it originate elsewhere and end up in the SCO code?
  • Does 80 lines of infringement consitute a requirement for a $1B payout from IBM even if it is copied code? Or, does it mean that there should be a required change to the code and some kind of payout? Interesting questions, and I'm sure we'll be seeing more of them in the next weeks and months as the case gets closer to litigation or settlement.