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Japanese vs. Western toilets

You might want to skip this one if you can't handle discussing toilets. However, if you've traveled in Japan, you've undoubtedly run across the hole in the ground referred to as a "Japanese-style" toilet. In this article, the Japan Times discusses the benefits of their native toilets over the "Western-style …

Teenage "Internet addiction" and depression

I'm not sure that I buy this one, but WebMD is reporting that Korean students who spend a lot of time on the Internet may be becoming Internet Addicts and that this is linked to depression, although nobody seems to know which comes first. The study appears to have been …

More direct breast cancer campaign

A breast cancer survivor who found her cancer using a breast self-exam has launched a campaign promoting the practice called "Feel Your Boobies." She hopes that this direct approach will get more women, especially young women, to pay attention and take self- exams seriously. Diagnosed at the age of 33 …

Undersize me!

Here's an interesting article from The Edmonton Sun (I guess that at this time of the year, there isn't much else to do in Alberta), about a teacher who went on an all-McDonald's diet and actually lost weight. The secret? You'll never believe this... exercise.

Glucose monitoring watch gets US patent

An article from Gizmodo brings us word of an invention from an Israeli company, Glucon, that would allow the constant monitoring of glucose levels without breaking the skin. Looking like a watch, the device will eventually monitor levels using ultrasound and a laser. Patent is #6,846,288.