Apple toots own horn at congressional security hearing

Apple's Chief Software Technology Officer, Dr. Avie Tevanian, has given testimony (PDF) along with a number of other computer industry executives, about computer securiity in the home.

The testimony basically talks about how building security in from the ground up, providing good security tools, frequent updates, and network diversity all help users keep their systems happy.

While mostly free of any exciting content, it's good to see Apple getting some comment in on these issues.

Testimony was also given by Phil Reitinger, Senior Security Strategist for Microsoft. The gist was a bit different. Instead of talking about success, it focussed on approach and "future initiatives", such as Trustworthy Computing, an ill-defined initiative that has meant everything from hardware security to software band- aids in the past.

Also testifying were members of the government (Department of Homeland Security, Federal Trade Commission, Small Business Administration, Department of Commerce) and a couple of lobbying groups.