802.11g standard lowers data rates

An article from ComputerWorld states that the IEEE committee governing the 802.11g wireless standard (branded Airport Extreme by Apple) has finally reached an agreement on the standard.

But, the draft (expected to be approved soon) is not without controversy.

The big question is one of "real" (as opposed to "raw") throughputs. Articles (including this one) state that the new standard will throttle down the final standard to a maximum real throughput of 20Mb/s. This is mostly because of the required guard signal to make sure that 802.11b devices on the network don't have problems sharing the same spectrum. The speed drops to almost 10Mb/s when you

To those eyeing the 54Mb/s raw speed of 802.11g, this sounds pretty disappointing, but it is important to remember that the rival standard (802.11a, which operates at 5GHz) has an expected throughput of 25Mb/s and 802.11b only runs at about 5Mb/s.