3Com in-wall switch

OK, before anyone complains, I know that this product has been announced for almost six months, but I didn't see it until somebody showed it to me this weekend. It was just so silly (and yet useful), that I had to write about it.

3Com has an in-wall switch that is designed to replace an existing one or two-Cat5 connection with up to 4 ports of completely managed network connectivity.

If you want to dedicate a separate VLAN for your VoIP phone, you can do that. You can put two computers on separate VLANs.

To top it off, they have management software that helps deal with the plethora of switches that you will be installing in your building.

I can't see putting them in every office (although I think 3Com disagrees, because they sell them in 20-packs), but they sure would be useful for those one or two people who just seem to need more machines than everybody else.

Oh, by the way, you can use Power over Ethernet to power them.