Virginia Tech reportedly building G5 based supercomputer

Those of us waiting for our Dual 2GHz G5's to arrive may have Virginia Tech (and therefore my own tax dollars) to thank, at least in part. According to an article on Think Secret, a Macintosh rumor site, Virginia Tech has ordered 1100 of the monster new 64-bit computers to be part of a cluster that they hope will catapult them into the top 10 supercomputer list this fall.

Confirmed this morning in news reports from MacWorld UK, and Collegiate Times, Tech is teaming with Apple, Cisco, Liebert, and Mellanox Technologies (makers of the Infiniband 10GB/s networking technology) to build the US$5.2M supercomputer cluster.

The university expects to use the computer to bring new research to the campus and is expecting at least a 5:1 return on their investment.

Good luck to all! (But, I'd still rather have my G5 on time)