Vegas \"Bambi Hunt\" a hoax

You may not have seen the original story about a man in Las Vegas who was selling the opportunity to hunt naked women with paintball guns, but plenty of women's groups did and were outraged. However, it turns out now that the "hunt" was just a ploy to sell videos that depicted the hunt.

According to an article from the Scotsman, Michael Burdick, the creator of the ploy had intentionally priced the excursions at $10,000 to discourage anyone from actually participating, but then sent out press releases indicating that it was "all the rage" in Vegas. In the end, I couldn't find any evidence of how much has been made from the videos, but the same kinds of people who are curious enough to consider the "hunt" and then reject it purely on the grounds of price are certainly going to be willing to fork over cash for a video of somebody else doing it.

The mayor of Las Vegas has had the man brought up on charges for operating a business without a license and says that he'll "do everything [he] can to see this man is punished for trying to embarrass Las Vegas."

Hmmm... embarrass Las Vegas? Many have tried, none have succeeded.