Up to their level or down to ours?

An interesting article from the New York Times brings back my favorite equality question.

The title "Everything a Man Can Do, Decapitation Included" aptly describes a trend for women to long for equality by proving that they not only can do anything a man can do, but should.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that women have some higher responsibility that requires them to eschew the foibles of men. However, I am left with the question of whether this is really what we want to be teaching the youth of our society.

Of particular concern is the attitude that seeing women chop off people's heads or perform senseless acts of violence is somehow cathartic and "empowering" as one woman in the article was quoted as saying.

Clearly, this isn't the attitude of most women (nor most men, hopefully), but it does beg the question of what we want our society to turn in to.

I know, you're thinking, "How can you sit here and suggest that we should censor art, just because you disagree with its potential social implications?" Well, that's not what I'm suggesting. As much as art is enlightening, I find that popular art (such as mainstream movies) tends to reflect, not predict society. As such, shutting down Kill Bill would serve no purpose, as its place would be taken by another movie, either available in theaters, on the internet, or underground. This is the way of nearly all forms of fringe speech (such as pornography).

Unfortunately, I don't have a cute little answer like that. Instead, I'm looking for good ideas on how to shift the attitudes of society (male and female) so as to make this type of "equality" less appealing to all. Sure, we can provide equal opportunity to become a serial killer, but that really doesn't move society forward.