UK company finds cellular phone users

Privacy problem or boon to parents? It remains to be seen whether the service offered by FindAMobile in the UK will be one or the other, or maybe a bit of each.

The service allows registered users to find other users (who have given their permission to be found by that user) at the click of a mouse or by sending a text message.

The intended uses are primarilly for parents to locate their kids or business people to locate collegues or employees when they are on business.

If you try to find somebody online, you will be shown a map of where they are. If you text for their location, you will get back an approximate address and cross street.

Needless to say, it is raising questions amongst privacy advocates that it may be used by jealous partners or child predators, but parents are encouraged by the ability to locate their kids using something they are unlikely to leave behind, their mobiles.