Toll or surveillance device?

Most of us living in the DC area have them-- the little toll boxes that allow us to zip along without stopping to toss coins into the bin.

The Associated Press has now written an article about using records from the EZPass system to help solve crimes.

The system in New York (the New York Throughway) has already given up records in 61 cases since 1998.

And, it turns out that not all of these cases are criminal. Divorce attorneys are using it to determine child custody cases, and New York City recently disciplined 30 officers for falsely declaring overtime when they were outside of their operational areas.

Who knows where this is going, but just remember if you don't want to be "seen" wrap the puppy in aluminum foil and it won't get read.

Of course, with the license plate reading algorithms at use in London for their commuter tax and the number of cameras on the road, don't expect that to keep you under the radar for long.