Thank heavens for uncommon names

I've always liked my name. First, lots of people compliment it. Second, everybody remembers it (although this is a distinct disadvantage when I can't remember their names). But, now I can add a new reason: it's such an uncommon name, there are no terrorists with it and I am therefore able to fly with impunity. Not so for anyone named David Nelson.

An interesting, amusing, eye-opening, and eventually deeply concerning article from The Oregonian provides a look into the travel life of anyone in this country whose name is David Nelson.

You would think that in a world where the government can tie together what I ate for breakfast to the amount of refuse flowing from my house, they'd be able to figure out how to differentiate between the various David Nelsons.

One last note: I don't agree with the columnist on the problem with the list being that you can't get off later. I think the problem is that it is just another in a long list of otherwise-useless tactics designed to create enough media attention about how overbearing they are to make people say "Wow! We must be safe! Look at how many people are inconvenienced."

Thank you, Mr. Ashcroft, may I please have another?