2004 Elections

It costs the US Economy...

OK, here's a great article from Slate talking about all of those claims that "it costs the US Economy $..." however much each year for some stupid thing that obviously doesn't cost the US Economy however much a year.

Spend or Invest?

So, for reasons involving the Virginia Department of Taxation, I found myself digging through some old web sites for Inter.net this morning. As a part of this, I needed to make captures of the Library of Congress's web captures of Inter.net's 9/11 site, MyStory.Inter.net. As I needed to make captures, I had to sit through each page loading and basically ended up reading 135 individual stories of the 9/11 events and their effect. What I found was uplifting and disturbing.

Census bureau counts the vote

The Washington Post is reporting on a study from the Census Bureau to be published today indicating that 125 million Americans (64% of those 18 and older) voted in the 2004 elections. The article contains the obligatory statistical breakdowns, which are all pretty much as you would expect.

iRobot to tackle hard floors with Scooba

iRobot, makers of the popular Roomba vacuum robot, have announced that they will be releasing Scooba before the Holidays to vacuum, mop, and dry hard surface floors.

CBS cans 4 related to Bush Story

This was possibly a victory for good journalism, maybe a victory for the bloggers, and perhaps just a sign that the guy who gets elected gets his way with the media. I'm not entirely sure which, but the Washington Post has an article about CBS's firing of 4 staffers related to the Dan Rather (now gone himself) 60-Minutes program about George W. Bush's time in the National Guard.

FCC approves first software defined radio

An article from InfoWorld notes that the FCC has approved (PDF) Friday a software defined radio made by Vanu..

The Economist endorses a candidate

It is "with a heavy heart" that the Economist has announced that they have endorsed Kerry for the US Presidential election. A friend of mine points out that if they were going to flip-flop, that'd be the right way to go. Keeping in the same line, if they were going to stay the course no matter what the evidence, they could have endorsed Bush.

Outsourcing as a product of education

Both the Bush and Kerry campaigns have talked about outsourcing as a problem. Bush wants to keep business taxes low and regulation under control in order to keep jobs in the US; Kerry wants to penalize companies for taking their jobs overseas.

Today, in the Wall Street Journal, Lou Gerstner (you remember him, he ran that small, three-initialed tech company for a few years) has a good editorial (may require registration or subscription) talking about the need to improve education in order to create a workforce that actually is capable of performing the jobs.

Electoral college and the popular vote

For those curious, President Elect is a site that contains information about the electoral college, including the popular and electoral vote counts from as early as 1824 (with a couple of missing years) as well as the individual state vote counts for each election (where available). There are some interesting curiosities... follow the link to the complete story to find out more trivia.

Where can you vote for a third party?

With all of the controversy over Ralph Nader and his difficulties getting put on the ballot in various states, including my home state of Virginia, and the pivotal state of Florida, I figured I'd post a link to the Ballot Access website, which contains information on which third-party candidates are on the slate in which states.

On a related note EveryVoteMatters.com lists the name and web site of a large number of presidential candidates and helps to explain how I had so much trouble figuring out which socialist candidate the folks at Ballot Access were talking about.


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