Changing infographic trends

Thanks to a pointer from Daring Fireball (great site, especially for Mac heads), today's article on the evolution of graphics is not actually from our favorite author on the subject, Edward Tufte, but from Anil Dash, for his article on Pixels are the new Pies, which covers the apparent move towards representing data with squares that are partially filled instead of with pie charts.


Microsoft announces HD Photo format

Microsoft announced at the PMA 07 conference the beta release of their new image file format HD Photo. The company says that it creates smaller file sizes, while producing better output than JPEG and can offer lossless and lossy image compression while retaining full dynamic range and color gamut data from camera sensors. The real news is the availability of plugins for Photoshop on both Windows and OS X, the Windows version in beta now and the OS X version within 60 days when the released plug-ins are done. Yes, it will be universal.



No, it's not a world map of the news (I can't find that site right now, but I did stumble across one a while ago), it's a visual map that shows ranked data graphically. More after the jump.


Adobe aims to standardize \"digital negatives\"

MacWorld has an excerpt of an article from MDJ about Adobe's attempt to take the confusion out of the raw formats from various digital cameras by creating a standard.


Sex and videogames hit the mainstream in the UK

It has been a dirty little secret for years that there are all sorts of pornographic computer games available. However, it appears based on an article from The Sun (in London) that the sheets are being pulled off of a game that will have strong marketing and explicit sexual content.


Courier bansihed from the State Department

In exciting typographical news today, ABC News is reporting that the US State Department has issued an edict that Courier New 12 be replaced by Times New Roman 12 as the official font in all documents issued by the State Department (with a few exceptions, such as treaties).


Mac-based 3D program gets renderer

For those interested in such things, the folks who do Cheetah3D for the Macintosh just came out with a version that includes a hardware renderer. It's a fairly nice package in terms of features and it's hard to beat the $59 price.


Gigapixel image debut

So, you want a high resolution photo of Bryce Canyon? Here it is. May Lyons of Tawbaware (he appears to make mostly digital camera support software) has created what is believed to be the largest stitched image ever created.


p>Weighing in at just over a gigapixel, this image required almost 200 shots from a 6 megapixel camera.


SIGGRAPH 2003: Meshes papers

The final paper session at SIGGRAPH 2003 was on Meshes. Frankly, I don't know if I will do this set of talks justice, as I took every few notes through most of them, partially because the speakers were getting a little dry and partially because my brain was completely saturated.


SIGGRAPH 2003: Dynamics papers

The Dynamics section contained a number of papers on dealing with rigid and soft body dynamics. Because most of the papers deals with the math involved in simulating physics for these mechanisms, I won't provide a lot of detail, but there were a couple of talks that were particularly interesting.



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