"Portal" advertisement from Valve

Ok, gamers, here's an ad (ok, it's more like a PSA) for an in-game device that looks terribly cool. Thanks to RS for sending this one along.


WoW guild includes tech movers and shakers

An article from CNet this morning describes "We Know" a World of Warcraft guild that seems to be providing a social environment for a number of well-known technologists, including Joi Ito.


Red Cross wants its symbol out of videogames

The British Red Cross and Canadian Red Cross have both indicated that they would like the "improper and illegal" use of the Red Cross emblem in video games to stop. According to an article from and a letter published on, requests have gone out from both organizations for video game makers to stop using the symbol (a red cross on a white background) to signify medical kits and general health and instead to help the organization by promoting the use of the symbol as a sign of protection during war.


World of Warcraft available for Intel Macintoshes

Patch 1.9.3 is available for World of Warcraft and it supports the Intel Macintoshes! It might not be earth shattering news for most, but the performance on this is astounding.


ExtremeTech benches graphics price/performance

For those hard-core gamers in our midst, here's an article from ExtremeTech which takes a slightly different view of graphics cards, going after not only performance but price at the same time.


World of Warcraft moves to limit new players

Success can be a real burden, finds Blizzard, publisher of the wildly popular MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) World of Warcraft. According to an article on FileFront, the company has limited the number of new users by stopping shipment of new boxes going out the door.


Gamer bottom 20

GamePro has released their list of 20 lowest moments in gaming in 2004.

Included are such popular favorites as: Video Games Make You Fat, and The Release of EQII.


Gamer buys virtual land for cold-hard-cash

An article from BBC News recounts the tale of a 22-year-old australian gamer who just purchased a plot of virtual land for the game Project Entropia at an online auction for US$26,500.

The interesting part is that unlike Sony Online Entertainment (makers of EverQuest) and others, this company not only encourages, but requires regular movement of real-world funds in and out of the game.


Gamers and their alter egos

A cute story this morning from BBC News about an exhibit by photo-journalist Robbie Cooper which shows gamers side-by-side with their avatars (for the uninitiated, that means their online persona).

The exhibit is at the Proud Gallery in London until the 28th of October, 2004; and an online version of the exhibit is available.


New MMOG player counts out

The new subscription charts are out. As would be expected, Lineage continues its reign as the number one MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) with between 2.5 million and 3 million subscribers. Behind them is the number two, Lineage 2, and the number three, Everquest. This is particularly interesting because of what Lineage 2 hasn't done to Lineage, unlike the predictable destruction of Asheron's Call at the onset of Asheron's Call 2. One surprising note is the Final Fantasy number which looks like it should be above EQ, but disappears late in the game. We'll have to see how that pans out in the future.



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