State of the Code I

I know it's been a nearly-inexcusable 50 days since my last posts here, but there's been a lot going on out here in Virginia. Aside from the usual fall stuff, and some family trips, I have been diligently working on my first major new piece of software since I did the first version of the web browser for TCP/Connect II, which is going back quite a ways. Here's a quick note about what's been going on since the beginning of August.

I'm not yet quite ready to announce to the entire world what we're working on, but I can tell you that it's a full-featured Macintosh(only) application in a space that has gone largely unserved for over a decade. It is, however, not a purely networking application.

This time, I'm trying my hands at a program that is dominated by user interface and data and is, in many ways, completely different from anything that I've published before. I am not quite working alone, having roped in various friends and relatives so far, and planning on roping in more as time goes on (for beta testing and possibly other services).

By way of a small hint, I'll mention that my brother, Derek, and I are working very closely on this, as it's a program that is in a space near and dear to his heart. We also believe that beyond its commercial applications, there's also an interesting consumer play. But, more about that some time in October when we start talking more about what's going on.