SIGGRAPH 2003: Day three

Day three (Tuesday) is a day of papers and video for me. Tonight is the first gala theater event and I'm looking forward to actually making it this year (last year, I got screwed out of it because the fire marshall decided the capacity of the auditorium was overrated).

Since yesterday's summary was long (over 1000 words) and todays was even longer (nearly 2000), I decided to break up the paper reviews into separate topics, each covering a separate paper session and each appearing only in the Graphics section of the site (in other words, it won't be on the front page). The summaries should be in the email.

Besides the papers sessions today, the Electronic Theater was the big draw. With the huge number of attendees, they are running the theater most of the week twice a day and there are (of course) no recording devices allowed.

Most of the content was enjoyable, even eye popping, but the most compelling piece was the winner of this year's SIGGRAPH Animated Short Film Award, Eternal Gaze, by Sam Chen. The film probably deserves a real review, but I don't have time this morning. Check out the web site, though.