Sex and videogames hit the mainstream in the UK

It has been a dirty little secret for years that there are all sorts of pornographic computer games available. However, it appears based on an article from The Sun (in London) that the sheets are being pulled off of a game that will have strong marketing and explicit sexual content.

The game is called Singles: Flirt up your life and is being published by a German developer RotoBee.

Screenshots are available from Fragland (yes, they are PG or PG-13) and seem to indicate that the story isn't a farce, and the publisher has a web site for the game.

Early reviewers are calling it an R (or X) rated version of the popular game The SIMS (not to be confused with the more controversial and less successful SIMS Online). As with the SIMS, the gameplay is aimed at keeping the characters in the simulation happy. If they are happy, then the characters try to move their relationship to the next level.

The release date is, of course, February 14.