Secrets of the new iMac

Cool new features included in the iMac and not played up by the media are numerous. I know that people are talking about the two new programs and the built in iSight camera (and some the lack of a built-in modem), but there are some other changes under the hood that are interesting:

  • The new iMac G5 take PC4200 DDR2 RAM, the fastest memory of any Macintosh computer. Not a big deal on the G5 towers, because they use memory interleaving to fill the hypertransport pipe, but the G5 iMac only uses on DIMM at a time, so the faster the RAM, the better.
  • Video is delivered with PCI Express, marking the first time that PCI Express (PCIe, not to be confused with PCI-X, which is older and slower)