Seattle Mac company uses coffee house as office

Wired has an article about Delicious Monster, an up-and-coming software company specializing in Mac software. Their first product Delicious Library, provides those of us who have a need to catalog our DVDs, books, CDs, etc with an easy way to do this. Unfortunately, I have barely used the software, but had I found it earlier, it probably would have saved me a mint in bar code reading equipment, since it can decode barcodes from video using an iSight camera (or other QuickTime compatible video camera.

But, I digress. With any luck, I'll write a review some time soon, but for now, I'm going to just talk about the coffee aspect.

Taking what we at ClueTrust do to an extreme, the folks at Delicious Monster actually work eight hours a day in their local Zoka coffee house in Seattle, where there are wide benches and WiFi access.

Hats off to the caffeinated crowd there at Delicious Monster.