RIAA questioned by Senator

According to an article from CNet this morning that Minnesota Republican, Norm Coleman has sent a letter to the RIAA asking for specifics about their subpoena operation.

The lawmaker has said that he is concerned that the industry is using a "shotgun" approach that could harm innocent people.

For their part, the RIAA (which just hired a Republican insider so that they could have more influence on the White House and the Senate) has indicated that they would comply with the request and says they would "confirm that our actions are entirely consistent with the law."

Do you ever notice that they don't use phrases like "confirm that we are doing the right thing?" I think its because, deep down, they know they aren't, but they are using all of the tools that they have managed to scrape together. Just my $0.02, but that probably makes a big assumption that these folks actually have some sense of right and wrong.