Review: X2

Friday saw a larger-than-normal group headed out to see the first major action film of 2003, X2. In the end, I ended up enjoying the film on a number of levels and I'm certain the rest of the crew did as well. However, if you are looking for the one blockbuster action film that you can't miss this year, this probably isn't it.

The film was a lot of fun, and if you go to one or two movies a month, I'd suggest that this one is worthy of spending a few bucks on. However, if you only see one or two films a year, plan on seeing this one on video.

Unlike the first X-Men movie, this one didn't waste any time jumping in to the plot. We are all familiar with the background and the basic conflict at play (between the mutants and the normal folk, as well as between the mutants who want to live as a part of society and those who want to be dominant). If you plan to see this film, make sure you have seen its predecessor, or you will be lost.

The plot moves quickly. So quickly that some reviewers claim that it barely exists (although I disagree). There is plenty of special-effects eye candy and there is very little gore (except for a finale scene in a lab that is a bit much for some tastes).

The usual messages are there along with some cute lines that cut straight to the issues of difference, assimilation, and acceptance.

All in all, I had a good time.