Review: The Aviator

I know, you're wondering why we continue to go to films in the theater if we hate everything we see. Well, here's reason enough: The Aviator.

I'm not a huge Leonardo DiCaprio fan, but this is likely his best effort since What's Eating Gilbert Grape. And Cate Blanchett does a really nice job of portraying a young and impetuous Katharine Hepburn (before the characteristic speech pattern change of her later years).

If you only see one or two movies a year, this would have been a good one to see in 2004. Despite its big scenes, though, you will find it a good watch on a reasonably sized big-screen TV if you can't make it to the theater (and the 169 minute run-time might make that a more approachable maneuver). However, if you're looking at a 20-25" TV, then go see it in a proper theater.

Speaking of the run time, both Carol and I agreed that the movie didn't feel nearly as long as most of the films we've recently seen, and considering that they mostly didn't exceed 120 minutes, that's quite a feat.

The Aviator is an engaging and emotional bio-pic about a man who has been larger than life for decades, and although it doesn't over the entirety of his life, the focus is excellent and provides some good insight into the character, while also providing a compelling film.

This one is actually Oscar caliber!