Review: Shanghai Knights

For those of you who are fans of Jackie Chan, it's always good to see him working, and he definitely does that in Shanghai Knights, the sequel to Shanghai Noon

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I can't come out and say that this is some of Jackie's best work, because it certainly isn't from a fight standpoint, nor can I say that his sidekick (Owen Wilson) added a lot to the film either by his acting or by the interaction, but there was something oddly special about this film that makes it an interesting ride for most of its play.

As with many Jackie Chan films, you spend most of the film laughing and ooh- ing at that stunts, and that's probably enough to endorse the movie in the first place.

However, when you see it (if you are a movie buff at all), you'll also note some blatant, but respectful homages to films gone by, and they make my endorsement of this film much stronger than it would have been otherwise.

In summary, if you are looking for something fun to do that has no pretense of being high drama or art, but will tickle your funny bone, this is a good choice.

Although it is rated PG-13, this is for some pretty mild sexual innuendo and a pillow-fight scene that is mostly in the commercials and trailers. The violence is typically Chan, in that it won't frighten most goers and contains no gore.