Review: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

There was not much extraordinary about the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It wasn't as extraordinarily bad as The Hulk, but I wouldn't suggest wasting the time or the money unless you want to see Sean walk through a part.

One of the biggest problems with this film is that it should have been good. Although Sean Connery is certainly the biggest star in it, all of the actors and actresses (except for the chap who played the American) had some potential. The graphic novel on which the film is based (loosely) was apparently a pretty good piece of fiction, and it they certainly had enough depth of character to pull on considering the film is populated by famous (or infamous) characters from works of fiction.

Unfortunately, the film stopped when it realized it had potential and tried to get credit just for having it.

The effects weren't bad (courtesy of ILM) except for anything involving water. All of the scenes with the Nautilus were distractingly bad when it came to the hydrodynamics and not much better when it came to logic.

There was no character development, although you could see a tinge of an attempt on the Quatermain character, probably left over from the graphic novel. Unfortunately, it wasn't followed through on and there was absolutely no development on any of the other characters.

Unlike Pirates of the Caribbean, which succeeded in making you care about the characters and what happened to them in the first two scenes, this film just never engaged the audience. We sat and watched the explosions and the sets, but there was nothing there to pull you in to the action and make you decide if you wanted the "good guys" to win or not.

Definitely don't bother with the theater, and I wouldn't waste the money picking it up on video unless you have a penchant for bad pseudo-science fiction.