Review: Finding Nemo

I went in to Finding Nemo expecting to have an enjoyable 1 hour 38 minutes and be absolutely amazed by the animation, humored by the characters, and happy with the message.

I'm very happy to say, this film did not disappoint! Unless you can't stand comedy, exquisite animation (it's getting hard to tell it from reality these days), or the possibility of kids in the theater with you, I would say this movie is for you.

Pixar has once again hit the mark with a heartfelt (if a tad sappy) story about a overprotective father fish who loses the only one he has left (his son, Nemo) and must overcome insurmountable obstacles with a cast of hysterical characters to get him back.

I predict that Pixar is going to bring in some serious money on this film (in the theatrical release, not to mention the video) as they continue their unblemished record at the box office.

Steve's now got something else to be happy about.