Review: Confidence

Confidence is another fun exploration into the game of the grifter. I went in expecting to have to work hard to figure out who playes what parts and what the ending is going to look like, and was not disappointed.

Edward Burns (who started his career with The Brothers McMullen) leads a very able cast (Andy Garcia and Dustin Hoffman among them) through a fast-paced 98 minutes of deception and intrigue.

The twists well done and woven together expertly. The characters are all colorful on the surface, but not explored any further than necessary (don't go in expecting to really understand motive), and the film has some cute quirks (including an oh-too-close-to-Tootsie sounding voice pattern from Mr. Hoffman).

I'd recommend the film to anyone who likes a good plot twist and is looking for a fun way to spend a little over an hour and a half.

Violence is not gratuitious, but there is some in it.